What we do

We offer insurance solutions. If we can’t help, we’ll happily point you in the right direction of someone who can. If we establish there is a ‘fit’, we start with your expectations and work up from there.

Known risks can be proactively managed or transferred. That is why we spend time getting to know you; your risk appetite; and, above all, what keeps you awake at night.

Our team of brokers pride themselves (and routinely challenge one another) on their technical knowledge. We combine this with our experience of designing and placing insurance policies to craft a risk transfer programme bespoke to your needs.

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Our ethos

The very purpose of insurance is to deliver stability in the event of a disruption or loss. During difficult circumstances we advise, guide and support you through to the best resolution available - which we endeavour to do with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

We strive to act efficiently and communicate in plain English, using uncomplicated correspondence and reports. Industry gobbledygook is strictly prohibited.

Whilst we acknowledge that cost is important, we believe cover is paramount. “Buy cheap, buy twice” isn’t a phrase that works with insurance – as we may have just one chance to get things right. At Blackford, we focus on value rather than price.  Our trading relationship with our sister firm, James Hallam, affords us the reach and scale to access competitive rates which, in turn, helps our brokers negotiate cost-effective deals.


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Helping private clients

Michael and his team craft tailored policies for individuals, families, and trusts – ensuring the things you treasure most at home are adequately protected.

Key benefits of using a personal broker are:

  • Total discretion – privacy and confidentiality is at the heart of everything we do
  • Wide policy coverage (often unobtainable on a direct basis)
  • Hassle-free admin - we manage and check the insurer paperwork
  • Packaged approach – we can create one policy which covers multiple cars, multiple properties, valuables, contents and travel

For more information, please contact Michael Gregson or complete the form below.

Michael Gregson Blackford Private Clients
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6467 219

Advising businesses

Our team of commercial brokers advise all shapes and sizes of companies – from global fund managers to rural contractors. We tend not to get hung up by internal silos or location of clients. Instead, we try to align a team of experts who we feel you’ll get on with, as well as having experience in your sector and the ability to grasp what makes your business tick. Put simply, we put forward a team who ‘get it’.

For more information, please contact Nick Smith or complete the form below.

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Our approach

Eddie Cochrane had three steps to heaven, and while we can’t promise you any celestial bodies, we have our own tried-and-tested, three-step process for ensuring you get the right level of cover, even if you have an existing policy. Not such a catchy song, but it could be music to your ears at renewal time.

  1. REVIEW: Whether you need to cover a new risk, or would like to take a fresh look at your existing cover, we delve into the detail of your circumstances and discover the things which matter to you. We’ll also ask about your attitude to risk – not everyone needs the same level of cover.
  2. RECOMMEND: A fundamental part of our role is to ensure you have the cover you need. Once we understand your requirements, we’ll provide you with our recommendation for the level of cover with the insurer we think is right for you. While we understand cost is important, we believe cover is paramount. 
  3. RENEW: Once we agree on the cover and insurer, you’ll have a clear picture of exactly how you are protected. We’ll take care of the renewal process, so you can take care of business.
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Added value services


Insurance is there to get you back on track if things go wrong. We’ll make sure your risk is placed with a reputable insurer, and when you need to call on them, we’ll make sure you get the support you need – quickly and with the minimum disruption possible.


Risk Management

It’s unusual for any business to fully understand all of its risks – it’s not often a priority in the same category as growth and attracting talented people. We’re experts at examining your business risks - from finance, technology, and legal issues, to fire, injury and anything else which can – and often does – jump at you from nowhere.

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Added value services

Due Diligence

A strategic investment or acquisition can be a great way to grow a business, but it’s not without risk. Even the most particular of advisers can miss exposures which could affect the deal value or result in future losses.

Blackford can offer due diligence services, to research and expose any hidden or historical exposures whilst carrying out a general health-check of the insurance programme being purchased.


Risk Improvements

Some insurers fund business improvements which can reduce your exposure to risk which, in turn, might reduce your insurance premium. We can help you look at which improvements are worth considering – anything from additional fire suppression measures to a series of health and safety training initiatives for key employees, for example – and speak to insurers on your behalf to secure a funding contribution.

With an improved risk profile, every party is a winner.

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Blackford is a trading name of Blackford Group Limited, (Firm Reference 831508). Registered Office: Blackford Group Limited, 26 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh EH2 4ET (Registered SC616744). Blackford Group Limited is an Appointed Representative of James Hallam Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference 134435).


Blackford is an approved member of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association

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